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DUI Trial Lawyers Academy

Dec 6, 2019

Learn about the 9 points of error on a breath machine and how you can attack those errors. 

A podcast for new and seasoned DUI trial lawyers by an experienced DUI trial lawyer. Learn successful strategies to use in a cross examination of the arresting officer.

Season one will focus on cross examination related to the standardized field sobriety test. Use the officer's motives, quotas, required statistics, lack of training, and violation of his own rules and procedures to best defend your client.

Season two will take a deep dive into blood testing problems. We will discuss blood collection issues, blood storage problems, and ultimately the labyrinth of blood testing facilities. The second season will take the complex area of blood alcohol results and break it down to simple ideas and themes that the jury can understand. One of my simple ideas was a theme called "problem with one pink powder." 

Course members have access to all 14 N.H.T.S.A. DWI detection and field sobriety testing manuals going back to 1980, along with our cross examination PDFs.